"Experience Life.... Experience GATBY"

Walking / Running
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What is the GATBY Challenge ?

Pursue a new and better version of you through the creation of positive healthy habits through repetitive physical activities.
“Get Addicted To Bettering Yourself” = GATBY
Our habit forming fitness program is designed to position you for your long term success.
GATBY is for all ages and fitness levels. Simply select an activity or create a free-style collection of sports and tailor make your own program.
Endurance is the key element, getting it done, each and everyday.
The next GATBY 25 commences May 1st and ends May 25th. This is the second event of an annual series of events that will keep you engaged, motivated and physically fit!
Interact with a global community of athletic friends in our GATBY Facebook group! Post photos and be eligible to win ArcticFox Sports merchandise!

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a CSR 1st Company

ArcticFox Sports belief is in putting “CSR 1st” in everything we do.
We are dedicated to supporting our local and our global community “Get Better”. With each T-Shirt purchase we will donate on your behalf 1- AFS Face-mask to the Aboriginal Sports Circle to be directed to a youth athlete in one of the 150 communities they support.
Thank you for your contribution to our community!