GATBY Private Facebook Group

The GATBY Private Facebook Group is for participants registered in the GATBY events and wish to interact with our ArcticFox Sports community. Once registered you will receive an invite to the events Facebook private group. 


Athlete Facebook Group Online Etiquette 

 As sportsmen and women we are a community of inspirational and passionate people whom respect others and encourage each other to better themselves. 

  The group rules are simple… “treat others the way you wish to be treated.” 

 Get addicted to bettering yourself by supporting others with positive reinforcement messages and sharing photos and stories!

 GATBY athletes that mis-use this communication platform by abusing others or with inappropriate language and behavior will be barred from participating in any future event. The interpretation of such cases will be reviewed and action will be taken at the full discretion of ArcticFox Sports administrators. Let’s GATBY!

Go Here to visit our Facebook Page and connect with the private group.