GATBY 25 - May 1- May 25, 2022



Event Date  - GATBY 25 - May 1- May 25, 2022


2.5 km / 5 km / 10 km
2.5 km / 5 km / 10 km
10 km / 25 km / 50 km
10 laps / 25 laps / 40 laps
30 mins / 60 mins / 90 mins
Free-style Sports
30 mins / 60 mins / 90 mins


GATBY “Get Addicted to Bettering Yourself” is based on a habit forming philosophy which embraces the human conditioning of repetitive activity creates a normal pattern of behavior for the individual athlete.

GATBY 25 is a commitment challenge in which each participant pursues for 25 consecutive days an activity in one of the event categories.

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This challenge is unique in that it blends the “raw” physical activity with the mental stamina of endurance. This is the commitment that each participant strives to achieve. Successful Athletes will, by the end of the challenge not only will have demonstrated the “Will Power” required to dedicate oneself to the consecutive task, but will have also achieved an enhanced level of fitness from the activities selected.

In each category there are three fitness levels to select from, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Participants should choose a fitness activity that matches their current physical capabilities and if unsure, should consult a physician for advice prior to committing to a challenge.