About us

ArcticFox Sports Ltd is a Canadian company that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle for all ages, genders and ethnic backgrounds. “Get Addicted To Bettering Yourself” is our motto. Personal fitness and health is at the forefront of ensuring, physical and mental health in all aspects of our lives. Whatever your passion is in bettering yourself. “Go Get IT!”


 We embrace Canadian family values and are promoters of an active lifestyle while engaging in all manners of outdoor sport activities. We have a deeply seeded respect for mother nature as she enhances our lives and nurtures each and everyone of us with sunshine, fresh air, clean water and the essentials to a balanced life. Who ever you are and where ever you are, give yourself the rewards today of the greatest pleasure in life, the freedom to be active in the great outdoors!


Join us and thousands of Canadians, and other athletes from around the globe in the GATBY adventure.